Teacher Resource: Animals in the Deep Lesson Plan and Games

Susan and I have been working on a package designed to help students think about which animals the JR’s drillstring might meet on it’s journey to the seafloor 5,000 meters below. As the drill travels deeper through the water column, light and temperture decreases while the pressure increases. The animals found in the different depth zones have a series of adaptations that allow them to survive these harsh conditions. This activity teaches the children about the oceanic zones and introduces them to some of the animals in the Pacific basin.

The attached PDF includes a game where students can cut out the animals and match them to the proper zones, as well as a lesson plan. The packet also includes a series of flash cards with additional information about each animal. You can find these cards on the Expedition 345 page.  Scroll down to find them. Make sure to check out Deep Earth Academy’s website for additional lesson plans and activies relating specifically to this package, as well as lesson plans from the past.


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