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I’ve been working on a new edition of the Tales of the Resolution comic over the last few weeks. Now that the script is mostly done, I can move on to Phase Two: Photo Collection.

With my Shot List in hand, Susan, Jean-Luc and I cranked out pretty much every image we needed. It was pretty awesome everyone was so willing to help knock this out, even with all the craziness in the labs right now. I told them how to pose, they did it, I snapped the photo, and we moved on. And, judging from the smiles on the faces, we had a fun time doing it. Score.

This morning I finally had a chance to look through the 100+ images taken and couldn’t stop cracking up. So, I turned one of the pages into a poster describing what the Physical Properties group does while on board the JR. If all goes as planned, I can finish up the other 5 groups within the next couple of days.

I’ve attached a higher-res version as well, in case you want a print out.

Featured in these images: Alden, from the Physical Properties Team..and Jean-Luc in blue from the Education Team. Thanks everyone for your help!

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