Tee-shirts, Weather, and Time!

There was a lot going on yesterday, out here in the South Pacific! Boxes of samples and equipment were being moved around the narrow corridors of the ship and we printed our tee-shirt logos. John Beck and Roy Davis did the honors. (see photos) In addition to these activities, we also adjusted our time to match that of Auckland, New Zealand. We lost a day, Thursday, so it is currently Friday on the ship and it is one hour earlier. All of this made for an interesting day. 

But besides all of this, we are also in some rough seas and have some interesting weather. The wind is very strong with periods of sunshine and dark clouds; we even had hail yesterday! Some of the waves are washing over parts of the deck, so it is not a good day to try and get a tan. Slowly we are making our way northwestward toward New Zealand.

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