The Beginning…

Hi, Hi! – I’m Bejonty and I will be joining the education/outreach team on expedition 327 as the HBCU Fellow. 

I’m really, really looking forward to being a part of this expedition because this expedition will be my first time doing or being part of anything of this caliber. I’m extremely excited to get started, meet the crew and get to work…and out on the water!

A couple weeks ago I attended one of my first teleconferences, where all of the expedition 327 education/outreach team members got together to discuss the activity ideas that we wanted to work on during the voyage. One of my team members mentioned an idea to construct the JOIDES Resolution and/or a CORK from Lego. I’m seriously ecstatic about the idea. Who wouldn’t be? Anytime there might be an opportunity for me to play around with Lego I’m definitely ready to go! Especially since I recently finished my latest Lego project, a yellow Lamborghini, so I’ve been suffering trying to figure out what Lego to get into next…



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JOIDES Resolution