There is a hole in this boat! But we are not sinking?

We all sort of knew that this moon pool existed but there was something very unnerving about watching doors open up in the middle of the boat and looking at the dark ocean waters below. Why were we not sinking? 

This morning, at 3:00AM, the night shift, and who ever else wanted to wake up, was invited to watch the hole reentry funnel pass through the moon pool to be lowered down to the bottom of the ocean. The moon pool is an open hole in the middle of the ship that the coring equipment passes through.  

Here is a short video clip of the event and a challenge for you:

We have a ship surrounded by water and weighed down so at least half of it is submerged. 

Can you make a model and explain why the JOIDES Resolution does not sink?  

How would you construct this? What is keeping us afloat? 

Email me your pictures and explanations and we can post them! –

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JOIDES Resolution