Sunday 19 September Final Day!  Yesterday (Sat) we came into port in the early morning to a different dock than the one we left.  This dock had lots of big cranes for moving containers and fixing ships.   When we arrived at the dock at least 10 ship’s staff were involved in ‘tieup’ of the ship with these ropes as thick as your arms.  There are large metal plates placed around the ropes to prevent rats from climbing up the rope and becoming stow aways. We stayed on ship most of the day to complete our assignments, evaluations, and presentations.  We walked together in the evening for about 30 minutes along the ocean boardwalk to have dinner together.  On the way back to the ship I reflected on how much I appreciated all the new people I met – from fellow ‘Rockers’ (School of Rock team-mates) to the scientists and staff who guided our lessons in Methane Hydrocarbons, Seismic Sonic Imaging, ACORK Development and Installation, Core Flow, Ocean Chemistry, Where the Ship’s Energy is Generated & Water Processed, Why We Don’t Get Lost at Sea, How to Use a Toilet on a Ship,  Where to Make Popcorn, How to Print a Poster on the Big Printer, How to Separate Food, Paper, & Other Wastes, Where to Go In an Emergency and so much more.  I will be processing all I experienced a while to come.  I am honored to have met so many really cool, really nice people, and I know I have also made friends for life.  I will miss this place.   


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