Transiting to Tahiti

In preparation for Expedition 329:  South Pacific Gyre, the JR is now transiting from Victoria, B.C. to Papeete, Tahiti. But even during a transit, work continues. Staff on the ship are conducting rig maintenance, including replacement of the aft coring line and re-spooling of the forward coring line. New coring line has been rigged up on the pipe racker catwalk. Work is continuing on the pipe racker hydraulic system. Workers have cleaned the brake disc and drive cog on the core winch system. They also conducted some electrical maintenance on the top drive motor.

Everything will be spic and span and ready to go come October 9th!


Sharon Katz-Cooper
Sharon Cooper is the manager of education and outreach programs for IODP in the U.S. She has been with the program since 2007 and sailed on the very first School of Rock.
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