Travel Day

After leaving Mobile, Alabama early this morning and traveling a little over 7 hours, on 2 flights, I arrived safely here in San Diego.  My first observation upon arrival is a climatic one. Yesterday when I went on an errand to the store about 3 pm, I measured the temperature inside of my truck at 135 degrees. I read online a little while ago that Mobile set a new temperature record today going over 100 degrees. Here in San Diego it is cool and breezy. At the airport near my hotel it is 68 degrees right now. WOW! I love this climate. Just way too many people.

One of the things I love about going on a teacher workshop in another part of the country is that it will get you out of your rut, make you look at things with new eyes. I always play a game with myself when I am traveling to a workshop. I look at the people around me on the plane and in the lobby of the hotel and I try to pick out which are fellow teachers here on the same mission as I am. I also wonder which will turn out to be lifelong friends.

We will meet tonight for dinner and go to the JR tomorrow. It is only the first day and it is already going too fast.


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