Wonderful & Interesting to See @ Sea

Today is the official ‘Half Way Point or Hump Day’ on the JR. So this post will be a collection of interesting images of some of the things seen so far while at Sea aboard the JOIDES Resolution. Hope you enjoy this ‘lighter’ side of things as reflected in this photo collage of those spectacular, unexpected and sometimes just unexplainable moments.

Stay tuned tomorrow, more science on the way with week 3 science findings and a tour of the JR science lab areas.

Humpback whales visited the JR today! What a wonderful site indeed. Sharing this message from 340 scientists Michael Martinez @USF who shared his pictures; Michael’s caption, “This is really AWESOME!!!!!! These are humpback whales. I have never seen them that close. These two lovely mammals passed by the aft (back), port (left), bow (front), and stern (right) sides of the JOIDES Resolution. So you could say they were curious and wanted to take a look at our underwater operations while allowing to be mesmerized by their raw natural magnificence” Truly this was a wonder to see @ Sea.

Sunday Barbeque aboard the JR was a scumptous meal with all the fixins. The food art was something most interesting to see @ Sea. Thank you to our Catering team of Taylor, Teo, Alden, Cris, Eric, Tito, Loreta, Joel, Richard, Chris, Leo, Oliver, Louie, Jose, Filipino


A beautiful sight that was fun to see @ Sea


An unusual flying visitor to the JR- this bat arrived two nights ago… an unexpected see @ sea

Safety is First aboard the JR

This is a safety drill for ‘Man Falling from Crane #1’- very interesting to watch… an unusual moment @ Sea

And finally, this week a Pet Wall was started and some March Madness B-ball fans showed their team spirit.


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