Words, vocabulary, new things to learn! While I have been sailing on the JR, I have heard some words and job titles that I have never heard before. Today, I’m going to go over some of them with you.

Oiler: a person who oils the moving parts of machines, doors, etc.

Toolpusher: the person who watches over the drill floor and managers the workers.

AB Seaman: someone who has been out to sea for a long time and has lots of experience. The AB stands for able-bodied.

Roustabout: a person who does many things on the ship, such as moving things, and lifting heavy objects.

Derrickman: a worker who has to climb up on the drill rig and maintain things.

Starboard: another name for the right side of the ship.

Port: the name for the left side of the ship.

Many of these terms are taken from oil workers on land and some are from the early days of sailing.


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