Write, Revise and Resubmit

We are now sailing off the southern tip of Taiwan on our way to Keelung and we all acutely aware of the fact that the time is running out for us. Unfortunately the work is not running out just yet because we are still required to read, revise and indeed in some cases complete our reports for the final site before we are allowed to get off the vessel and collapse. The sort of documents that you can put together so quickly after the completion of drilling may not be described as beautiful scientific documents but we need to have completed something by the time we reach port, and it should be borne in mind that there is the opportunity for these documents be polished and improved at the first post-cruise meeting that will take place in College Station, Texas during the summertime. It is somewhat hard to focus entirely on the job in hand since many of us already daydreaming about delicious Taiwanese seafood lunches and glasses of cold beer, not to mention the flights home to our families, friends and loved ones. The fatigue of being at sea for more than eight week now is beginning to tell but we are close to the finish line and nothing is going to stop us now.

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