Now At Sea

February 04, 2016 - March 31, 2016

Expedition 361: South African Climates will drill core six sites on the southeast African margin and Indian–Atlantic ocean gateway to better understand the relationship between the Agulhas Current -- the strongest western boundary current in the Southern Hemisphere -- and the development of climate in southern Africa during the Pliocene/Pleistocene periods.

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Here at last!

Never was there such a sweet sight, after six long days, arriving at night.

Through well rehearsed coordination, the pipe is lowered and we remain on station.

Thrusters counteract current and swell, sediment is raised from where it's dwelled

5 million years, give or take a few, to be sampled and analyzed by the scientific crew,

Lots of dogs and cats, but where are the birds?

We have a "pet wall' in the stairwell of the JOIDES would seem that dogs have the advantage over cats. Curiously, there are no rats, birds, or fish in evidence...not to mention, hamsters. I'm contemplating posting my picture of "Fred" the scorpion but it might give some of my shipmates the willies!