Now At Sea

December 13, 2016 - February 07, 2017

Expedition 366: Investigating geochemical, tectonic, and biological processes occurring in undersea mud volcanoes in an active subduction zone

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Journey Through the Midnight Zone

Today during one of my live classroom broadcasts, a student asked what it felt like to be higher than Mount Everest. The student was referring to our location above the Mariana Trench--the deepest part of the ocean (35,827 feet deep), often contrasted with Mount Everest since its the highest point on earth (29,035 feet high). 

New Video: The Geochemistry Dream Team!

In my latest Youtube Video, meet the amazing Geochemistry Team of Expedition 366! They are helping to uncover the mysteries of serpentine mud volcanoes by studying the interactions between fluids and rocks from deep within the earth--and how this may have sparked the origins of life.