Now At Sea

August 03, 2015 - September 30, 2015

Exploring the ocean floor on the northwest Australian shelf to investigate questions about tectonics, Australian monsoon, and the development of ocean currents in this region.

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A slight impediment to our sediment

The first coring has NOT run entirely as planned. The scientists had their tools ready at 7pm, eagerly awaiting the first core. For many, this is their first expedition with the JOIDES Resolution, and the whole process is new and exciting (and a little mysterious). 

Countdown to coring

Expedition 356 is officially underway! And it's looking hectic, even for an expedition like this. We're in the middle of our 18 hour transit to the first sampling site. That's just 18 hours for the scientists to come to grips with their new shipboard lab equipment, their new 12 hour shifts, and their new seasickness, all while preparing their research plans with their new team. (Shown is David, a physical properties specialist, surprised by a tiny flood while enjoying his coffee on the bow)