Now At Sea

April 13, 2017 - June 11, 2017

How do continents separate? What is happening at their margins? How do we test out possible explanations in the middle of the South China Sea? What does working as an international team of scientist look like? Why are they looking for green rocks? And most important why is "hmm that's funny" more exciting than "Eureka" when doing science?

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Thruster Pod - Sat, May 20

This is a single thruster pod that houses two propellers - remember these are controlled by the dynamic positioning system, and hold the ship’s position over the drill site. It is not easy to sense how steady the ship is unless you have a reference point, e.g., looking at something that is also steady. The problem is everything is on the ship or attached to it and therefore moving with it.

“Arduinos & Raspberry Pis” – Fri, May 19

Building cool circuits using microcontrollers or Arduinos (to the right in the pic) is one of the cool things we are doing in our spare time onboard the JR. I now have an idea of how to set these up as seismic sensors at my university to measure the motion of different stories in a building.