Now At Sea

October 05, 2015 - November 30, 2015

The Indian Ocean and Maldives Sea basin can tell us about the story of climate change of time past (paleoclimatic changes). Using the core samples from this region the scientists will aim to reconstruct paleooceanographic evolution over the past 23 million years.

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In transit to site UI465 (MAL-01A) jour 7.

Les formations et présentations se poursuivent à bord . Chacun prend la mesure de ce qui l'attend quand on sera sur le 1er site et que les carottages remonteront les uns après les autres : fast and furious !

In transit to site UI465 (MAL-01A)

The day 6 began with  a training for the sedimentologists and
micropaleontologists on DESClogik a core description application and on the
scanning electron microscope. The physical properties specialists, logging
scientists and stratigraphic correlator had training on the laboratory