Now At Sea

November 30, 2015 - January 30, 2016

Investigating the transition to Earth's mantle, the creation of mid-ocean ridge basalt, and the limits of life in Earth's crust.
BASALTES, GABBROS et plus ... ! Comment se forme le plancher océanique au niveau des dorsales ? Allons-nous atteindre la limite croûte-manteau, le Moho ?!
BASALTO, GABRO y màs ... ! Como se forman los fondos océanicos ? Se puede alcanzar el limite entre corteza y manto, el Moho ?!

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Expedition 360 has arrived in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

We have begun exploring Sri Lanka as we wait to board the JR on December 1st.  

Our adventures yesterday took us to a turtle conservation organization called Sea Turtles Protecting Association and Project. 

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