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Deniz Cukur - Petrophysics Specialist - Scientist Interview Series

Today I had the chance to sit down with Deniz Cukur who is sailing as a Petrophysics Specialist with the JOIDES Resolution. Here is my interview with him about his career and experience as a Petrophysicists!

Amanda: How many times have you sailed on a research vessel?

Chang Liu - Scientist Interview Series

Check out this great interview with Chang Liu graduate students sailing on the JOIDES Resolution for the first time -<

Chang - describing smear slide samples in the Sedimentology lab. - photo by Tim Fulton

Setting Sail from Hong Kong- remembering a great day!

Get a sense of what it is like to depart on an expedition. The scientists are excited for the research opportunities at sea -

A magnetic personality is not all he has - Eric Ferré

May I introduce Eric Ferre. He has been sailing with us on the JOIDES Resolution as a Paleomagnetist and has been posting some wonderful pieces on his personal blog page:<

The next broadcast is after I wake up today, tonight.

Good morning! Zaoshang Hao! (good morning in Mandarin). I can technically say this for my entire working day except for today when I get up a little early to start tomorrow's work day tonight at 10pm so I can meet with an U.S. school at 11pm.

Dinosaurs on a toothpick!

There is a small potted tree upstairs on the bridge deck and an orchid plant that I sit next to just to see something green. We are a little less than a week in to this expedition and this has become my favorite place on the ship.

Reading at hyper speed - if you are a geologist!

The scientists have gotten into the groove. Everyone knows their station and work flow is kicking in as jet lag dissipates and everyone gets used to the rolling seas and 12 hour shifts. 

The JOIDES Resolution reaches the Sea Floor!

The JOIDES Resolution reaches the Sea Floor! How does it do that? We have 2 guest bloggers, our Expedition Project Manager Carlos and our Operations Superintendent Kevin Grigar from IODP JRSO, who have worked together to describe the ships operations when setting up for deep sea exploration!

Sediment tasting and licking rocks

Expedition 368 begins and it is a very BIG DEAL!

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