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Finding Nemo – Sat, Apr 22

Ok, the title is a little off; but we are at sea so this works somehow, or maybe not?? What really struck me as I sat down to write this post is the importance of finding grace in how you do what you do; maybe it is called living gracefully or some other soulful and deep phraseology.

The School of Rock – Fri, Apr 21

I think this is a Jack Black movie or am I mixing things up?
I don’t have readily available internet access to look things up, so what you
read in this blog is what I have stored in memory. Of course, that movie had
nothing to do with rocks, but the play on words is good enough for me, and who

Don’t lose your cool – Thu, Apr 20

After many back-to-back hours of measuring rock properties on the cores, our group is being challenged. Our skillfully crafted work plan on who does what, when and how is showing some cracks. So how do you keep your
cool when the tension is high?

Now what? – Wed, Apr 19

We have reached our target depth in the current hole and will move to another hole nearby to go deeper. This has to happen because we can only drill to a certain depth with drills that give good core recovery.

8-minute Cores - Tue, Apr 18

If you are thinking this is touch stuff - well it is! It takes smarts, grit, and a good dose of finesse to slice up a core with so much hanging on the line, and the scientists watching your every move. This is a pic of the "catwalk" no joke.

Everything is peachy - Mon, Apr 17

If you show up to this blog and the posts are not in sequence, or text and photos are plain old mixed up. And if you clicked on the "where's the JR" link and it showed you the wrong location, don't worry.

First cores, woosah! - Sun, Apr 16

We got our first cores today and we all went a little crazy with excitement. Cores are material from beneath the seafloor; they can be sediment or rock. Cores arrive on board in 7 cm diameter clear plastic tubes (liner) that are about 1.5 m long.

The crazy little thing called time - April 15 - Saturday

I am on the midnight to noon shift. After we departed Hong Kong at 9AM, we had meeting and a Fire Drill until about 2:30ish PM on Friday. I slept for a few hours then worked from Friday midnight to Saturday noon. During our shift, we arrived at our first drill site (0.9 milled away from where we had docked in Hong Kong).

Set Adrift - Apr 14 – Friday

Leaving port, was a “fat guy in a little coat” experience. The ship’s crew and engineers are magicians.

Time out on Lamma Island - Apr 13 – Thursday

Today was our last day docked in Hong Kong - last day to see trees, other faces besides our own, last chance to hang out, final few hours of working wifi with ready access to domains outside the ship.

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