1301B, I’ve been here before!

So here we sit at Site 1301 B, and it looks the same as always.  It looks like the same ocean outside the window, and from what I can tell from the monitor on my desk, the seafloor looks the same, too (see photo, above). 

After successfully installing the CORK at Hole 1362A (47º 45.6628’N, 127º 45.6720’W; water depth 2672 m), we moved just the tiniest bit west (47°45.228′N, 127°45.827′W; water depth 2611 m), where the bottom profile looks like this:

Instead of installing a CORK, this time we’re retrieving instruments from a CORK that contain samples and mesaurements collected here since 2005!  It’s very exciting.

So here are a couple of things for you to think about:

  1. How far did we move?
  2. How was this profile picture made? 
  3. Can you trace the seafloor in the profile?
  4. How do I know the seafloor looks the same as always?

Use the comment function below to send the answers.  We’ll send a new JR t-shirt to the first person to answer all four questions correctly.  No worries, no addresses will be published here.

Leslie (and yes, Tim, I do win the prize for the coolest job in the world, but everyone here thinks the same thing about their work!)

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