updated: Logging vs coring, good bye CORK

 Today we are logging. What is logging and how is it different from coring?

Logging is a term that refers to the string of instruments that is lowered down into and out the bottom of the drill pipe after drilling a hole. The instruments measure characteristics of the hole wall such as density. Coring is a process where the drill bit cuts a 4 inch cylinder out of the rock. The core is then brought to the surface to measure. Here is a picture of a cork and some interpretation. 

In this expedition we are also placing CORKS. What is a CORK?  See if you can find out and write back. I’ll acknowledge the first 5 to get it right!! Picture by Bill Crawford

After shift hours we painted the CORK top! 

As I gazed upon these CORKS, I thought about all the years of research and work and waiting that has gone on before to get to this point. Sometime, maybe in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, this will be gently fit to the reentry cone a mile an a half below deck to rest for many many years, maybe forever. It will be my birthday. What a nice birthday event!! My home school will be with you my dear CORK. It is time for us to rest and for you to do what you were made to do. We will visit you next summer CORK 1027C. Do you see the yellow SUA in the picture above? 

Andy, one of our co chief scientist came out to check things out. His shift is over but he’ll be back on at midnight to watch it go down. 

The skies might be clear enough to see the  Perseid showers tonight. What are these and why can we see these only at night? Check out the cool pictures on the internet!!

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