23 March 2010

We’re underway for Victoria B.C. on a north easterly course of 49° at an average speed of 10.5 knots with 130 turns on each shaft.  Moderate seas/swells, scattered clouds and bright sunshine prevail. Visibility remains good. Confirmation has been received that Davey Jones, official emissary of his Royal Highness King Neptune, will board the ship on Thursday, 25 March 2010.

Midnight conditions: Heading: 49°; Max Wind: 14 kt @ 109°; Seas: 2 ft @ 4 sec period from 100°; Swells: 5 ft @ 8 sec period from 60°; Sea Water: 29.4°C; Barometer: steady @ 1008 Mb; Air:  29.0°C; Max Pitch: 1° @ 6 sec; Max Roll: 2° @ 6 sec. Good visibility with light winds. Vessel moving easily in moderate swell.

Here’s a little math challenge for you!

1.  Since leaving Hobart 229.8 hours ago, we have sailed a total of 2623 Nm.  Your first challenge for today is to calculate our average speed since leaving port.

2,  Over the last 24 hours, we’ve tralved 266 Nm.  Your second challenge?  Did our average speed increase or decrease today? 

3.  Finally, we have 4595 Nm remaining before making port.  What’s the total distance between Hobart and Victoria? 

Send your answers using the comment function below and we’ll mail a JR poster to the first person with the correct response(s). Be sure to send your teacher’s name and school name and address! Student names and school addresses will not be published on the website.

Happy saling!


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