First day of the 2018 School of Rock program.


Welcome to the School of Rock 2018!

The first day of the program saw the 24 – strong group meet for the first time onboard the JOIDES Resolution vessel in the dock lands off Auckland, New Zealand.

While on board the vessel, we had the opportunity to look around the science labs and look at the core samples extracted off the coast of Auckland. We were invited on to the catwalk (where the core samples were initially taken once collected by the drilling core) and discovered the intricate specifics of how the scientists obtain their core samples from the sea floor. We had a brief tour of the science labs and were given a in-depth tutorial with a core sample taken off the most recent expedition. We where then treated to a dinner onboard the vessel where we spent time getting to know each of the 24 participants of the 2018 School of Rock program.

Altogether a brilliant start to this year’s School of Rock program!


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JOIDES Resolution