340 Camp Boss, Caterers & Stewards: Eat & sleep well

Each JR expedition requires a number of talented people to operate the JR vessel (captain, mates, DP electronics) and the drill floor activities (operations superintendent and SIEM drill team), to equip and maintain the JR labs and core processing (lab officers and technicians), a scientific party to conduct expedition research objectives… and a Camp Boss. The Camp Boss and his talented staff include chefs, stewards, cooks and bakers. It is this crew that keeps everyone aboard well fed and comfortable when it is time to catch up on sleep. Hope you enjoy meeting the Camp Boss and his staff. Thank you Taylor for sharing your journey to the JR with us.

Meet from Left to Right, Oliver (Steward), Teo (Assistant Chef Manager), Taylor (Camp Boss), Chris (Assistant Chef) and Loreto (Steward)

Meet Taylor McKirdy- 340 Camp Boss
I was born in Scotland, after leaving college I was still toying with what path to take in Life, took a summer job in the 5-star Caledonian Hotel Edinburgh, discovered I had a flair for the catering, almost 40 years later, I’m still doing it. I worked between the Caledonian Hotel and Gleneagles hotel in Scotland, until I decided to try the offshore catering industry. Now I am in my 37th year of working offshore. My career has taken me all over the world, but mainly the last 20 years have been spent working on a Variety of Offshore Oil Platforms, Diving Support Vessels and Drilling Rigs in the North Sea. This is my first hitch on the JR, several weeks into it and already loving it…. so very different from the Oil Industry, the JR has such a large range of nationalities on-board menu planning takes much more consideration. But I fall back to my experiences from around the world, my style? A Fusion of Asian cultures, I love Thai, Malaysian and Indian food. Saying that I have experimented with some old Scottish dishes and they have been well received.

Meet from Left to Right, Tito (Baker), Chris (Assistant Chef), Jose (Steward), Richard (Steward)

Getting used to the idea of carrying and ordering so much food stores is new to me. We are in the unique position that I can’t just pick up the phone and call the suppliers to pop round with something I forgot to order. A great deal of thought and planning with my opposite manager to keep the operation running smoothly is an absolute necessity.

So, on a daily basis:

How much food do we use? Between $1600.00-2000.00 per day (might not sound a lot given our numbers, but we use tax-free stores which are much cheaper than what you would buy in supermarkets at home)
How much stored food do we carry? Approximately $150,000.00
What do menus consist of? We offer 3 main courses plus a healthy vegetarian option; Salad bar and Cold Sweets
Laundry Services: 800-1000 items of clothing towels and bedding are laundered every day

Meet from Left to Right, Oliver (Steward), Jose(Steward), Gian Carlo Anaya (back center, not sailing 340), Joel (Chief Steward), Chris (Steward)

Meet from Left to Right, Filipino (Steward), Eric (Assistant Chef), Gene (the Doc), Alden (Chief Chef), Rhonda (Yeoperson), Jun (Radio Operator), Loreto (Steward), Louie (Steward); Pictured below is Leo (Steward)

The Expedition 340 Camp Boss, Taylor

So we are kept busy but with a very professional crew of 15 who take great pride in their work, it’s a recipe for fun at work!

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