4 days of coring to go

 "Core on deck, core on deck" resounds over the loud speaker for one last week. We will be bringing core up about every hour and a half today. Our group has been assigned to run the scanning and paleomag machines.

Before the core comes up, an instrument is let down to take the bottom of the hole sediment temperature. We are coring near a seamount where water seems to be going down into the seamount. We should know something about this water by taking the temperature of the sediment as we drll. I can’t wait to see the graph!!

When the core comes up everybody springs into action. There are some great videos and pictures on the web, website, Youtube, and blogs showing this. The cores are slowing warming up to room temperature. Sediment expands when it is brought to the surface and warms up. Here you can see how it popped out of the core liner

A few days ago we said good bye to our last CORK. I got to help man one of the big wheels and then watch as it plunged slowly into the moon pool and out of site. Here’s me, just before it goes down.

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