Riddles for Kiddles #3

Here’s a special riddle to mark a special day.  Why was it special?  Because we put one of these in the seafloor, and it’s the main reason we came to town.  Oops, no, we didn’t come to town, we came to sea. 

So, please see which one is pictured.  Is it A, B, or C?

A.  We’re so small that my friends and I can only be viewed under a microscope, and take much labor to cultivate (you have to feed us and keep us warm and covered).  But don’t worry — we’re worth it because we can tell you much about the life miles below that beautiful sea, what has been and what will be…

B.  When you enter, my floors and tables are always spotless and clean, so that whenever you’re hungry or just want a snack, you can always come down and have cake, crackers, or cookies and milk. Or cheese and a sandwich, or meatloaf and mashed potatos, or green eggs and ham

C.  I’m kind of plain, being tall and gray with my metal keys and handles and many bays (by the way, what’s a bay?), but I play a special role so don’t overlook me.  The scientists may lower and leave me but they always retrieve me.

More tomorrow!


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