A.Bogus Voyage

The sea was angry that day my friends; like an old man trying to return soup at the deli- Seinfeld

After 6 days in Japan, I realized it is yet another country that I love.  But after stepping foot onto the JR on May 31st, I was ready to leave terra firma of the country for the ocean (even though technically we’re still in their territorial waters).  The first day of transit to our drill site was beautiful, albeit a bit hazy.  The second was quite a different story.  The largest swells I’ve ever seen in my nubile seafaring career rocked the boat, and it was quite an experience for us first time sailors.  However, I was one of the lucky ones and escaped a day confined to my cabin, and had a chance to document some of the weather.  The day included a surprise reward for those brave enough to venture out onto deck; dolphins appeared during the height of the storm, and I was lucky enough to at least catch one on film.


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