A Thanksgiving to Remember

Thanksgiving came a day early for us onboard the JR.  Because we are on the other side of the International Date Line, we are a day ahead.  We had our Thanksgiving while people in the U.S. were probably still shopping and cooking!

The catering crew went above and beyond in preparing the Thanksgiving meal.  The mess hall was decorated with beautiful garnishes made of fruits and vegetables, and with lots of flags and red, white and blue!  They wanted everyone to be sure and know that this was an American holiday!  One of the most fun things was watching the faces of people who’d hever experienced a Thanksgiving dinner anywhere, not to mention on a ship at sea!

The menu was extensive and very fancy!  They took so much care and time in presenting the food in a fun and festive way.   Here is the menu!

There was even a roasted turkey garnished with vegetables.  Our mascot Wiki made friends with the turkey – however, he said his new friend didn’t talk much!


It was definitely an occassion I will never forget.  Sharing food and making memories with my new friends and colleagues on the JOIDES Resolution.  I can’t wait to see what our wonderful caterers have in store for Christmas!

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