Thanksgiving Feast

Hi there, my name’s Dave and when I’m not sailing the ocean drilling the sea floor on The JOIDES Resolution I work on understanding ancient climate change at the University of Cambridge in the UK. I’m sailing on the JR as a sedimentologist for this expedition to try and better understand the processes that caused sea-level to change in the ancient past, and to try and understand how the climate of New Zealand has changed over the past few million years.

After the flurry of activity we had when the first site’s cores were recovered things have quietened down a bit now and we have started to write up a report detailing our findings from the first drilling site. We only have a few days to do this though and then we move on to the next site and start drilling a new hole and hopefully recover even more core!

For me the best bit about sailing as a scientist on the JR is definitely the food! Check out the Thanksgiving dinner laid on for us today (Thanks to Itsuki Suto for the photo)

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