Alarm Clocks

So here on the JR we’re all assigned a little thing called shifts. Although while you’re in port and for the first couple days at sea they just let it go saying shifts will be assigned later…a little note, be advised there are only early shifts and late shifts (what I lovingly refer to as rooster and vampire shifts), nothing in between. Well that’s not exactly true, I think if you ask some of the people on this boat, they’d say that 7 a.m. is getting up late…I’M 20 YEARS OLD! I’m sorry but I still consider 7 a.m. to be an ungodly hour! I can barely pry my eyes open and crawl outta bed at 10 o’clock let alone hear my wrist watch when it goes off at 6:30.  Then to add injury to insult I have to be concious enough to fight off my comforter, navigate my way off the top bunk, re-pry my eyes open when they glue shut in protest to the bright halogen lights that reflect off every surface, find my clothes and get them on…all while the metal beast around and below me is rolling and waving, not as bad as it could, but enough to make my empty stomach feel full and queasy. I’ve decided to forget breakfast (which is 5 – 7), I absolutely love the meal but I’ll keep snacks in my room…7 is bad but 5 can’t even be called ungodly. It’s an absolute unmentionable, punishable by accepted, unquestionable gouchyness.

Be warned ^_^

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