always in transit to the Maldives

8th Oct.

 The swell increased
last night , we were actually rocked all night.

 The rise directly raised
awareness of this increase! And we understand why
there are velcro on all handles
of doors and drawers. Moreover on board a door has only 2 positions:
open (and hooked) or closed! 
The same thing closets, if you
do not want to fall in the middle of the night from his
banette terrified by the sound of the door of the (metal) closet
slamming on the wall! Do not forget his little things on the
desk if you want to find them the next morning other than by getting on
all fours to get them behind the desk.

The sea is not rough, just a pretty good swell,  adding the spurts of
flying fish , it’s just magic!

At 12:30 pm: presentations of the research plans of
the Scientists. Hard phosphorous on sedimentation variations! and variously, between measurements
Delta  Delta Ca, the presence of amino acids or D (I do it on purpose to add that you
were going to see your favorite teacher bio !!!) they lack No
imagination to try to reconstitute everything that has happened since the
beginning of the Neogene (and hop I put a layer !!).

Earlier, the first TestZoom: one of our key activities to Juliet
and I to check that the satellite that connects us to the vast world does
its job well and that we can make ours properly.

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