And so the work begins

Well folks, it’s been a busy and fun few days. The first core came on deck to much excitement and anticipation. Since then we’ve had a slow but steady stream of interesting rocks. It has meant that we, the scientists, have work to do.

After twelve hours of looking at rocks, even the most excitable and enthusiastic person can start dragging their feet. Still and all, at the cross shift meetings everybody comes to life with opinions and ideas. Much discussion/arguing is to be had, all to the betterment of our understanding and science in general (one hopes).

It’s good that the rocks are interesting because the weather is crap. It’s been dull and overcast, with persistent rain showers for the last two days now. It is ideal weather to be stuck inside a boat working feverishly on rock descriptions. Certainly not for spotting shooting stars.
Before and/or after shift is the time for recreation. This means watching a movie, reading a book, having a chat or doing exercise. I’ve discovered that it is quite challenging to do yoga on a ship and have fallen over a few times.
Let me think, is there much else to divulge…. Oh there is a typhoon Choi-Wan to the south that we are monitoring. It’s 1500km away so I suspect we’ll be right. But still… Hopefully we won’t have to take evasive action and lose time.

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