Apple Crumble in the Tropics

For those of us raised in certain damp, cool countries in northwest Europe a nice plate of hot apple crumble and custard is a wonderful comfort food, albeit one usually associated with blustery gales and November afternoons with rain and temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark. It is therefore little incongruous I feel that we are given a regular treat of apple crumble and custard every week on Sunday despite the fact that we are only 16° North and firmly within the tropics. This is a special treat as it is one of the ways that we mark the passage of time on a cruise on which every other day appears to be the same in its routine. However, Sunday is not only barbecue day but also crumble day when we sit in the bright tropical sun and eat a nice heavy bowl of this tasty dessert with beads of sweat on our foreheads dreaming about the day that we will be able to go home.

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