Around the cores

Looking after cores … what can we see ? color, texture, variations … what more ? a very exciting challenge indeed.

Aboard we can access to the data recorded by the lab, and try to learn more about the cores. The data are not very easy to analyse, but we try and sometimes success to get some informations about the core.


We need more time to analyse all the data … see below !!! Let me some days to give you more informations about this core from the Pacific ocean.

But you can help me, of course.

MSL : Magnetic susceptibility, %CaCO3 : carbonates, GRA : density, RSL : Reflectance …

I give help you a little, OK ?

Look the red diagram, what means magnetic susceptibility (MSL) of the core ? When MSL increase (for example 53 mbsf > below the seafloor surface), it is a proxy for the presence of magnetic elements like iron (magnetite, hematite). So we can expect to find in this part of the core some sediments with magnetic elements … clays ?

Look after the green diagram about carbonates in the core. You can see some sections where carbonates decrease a little, so we can expect some variation with the biogenic material like the foraminifers ( test of Forams is made with carbonates)

So analyse data is not easy but not impossible.

Tomorrow, be there for my first observations in microbio lab !

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