I wanted to address the topic of technology tonight. It is an important tool in the search for scientific knowledge and has improved a lot over time. The picture that I posted represents old technology that is proven and relatively easy to use. I must admit that it will most likely not get used here on the JR in the next couple of days because of the storm but in a pinch it will always work as long as you have fuel.

Today we did an exercise that required us to download a rather large data file and print out a graph to analysis a core drilled by the JR.  It was a pretty simple thing to do, as long as you had the required computer skills. I didn’t and I let myself become frustrated. In the end it worked out good and our group was able to get an idea about what was happening in the core.

The point of me telling this story, yes I do have one, is for every young person reading this who has a desire to go into a scientific field the best advice I can give you is to become as proficient in data analysis software as you can. It will save you a lot of heartache.

Tonight we are expecting some rough weather. Right now you can definitely feel the ship moving and it will get rougher before it gets better.

This is fun.

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