Art in the rock … What do you see in these thin sections ? EPISODE 4 and HOME MADE THIN SECTIONS

Now you know all about thin sections, reading previous posts !

I propose you to do your own thin sections from sands. With epoxy on a glass slide and some sand above, you have to polish till you obtain a good picture with polarizing microscope.

We are now collecting gabbro sand for education. We had to sieve it with sieves from #35 to #45.

Rocks we bring up from ocean seafloor are pretty expensive and it is difficult to use them for non scientific purpose but the curators kept the peripheral material for us to be able to bring back some sands and share it with schools ! Thanks Xenon and Chieh !


In the education area … there are always some funny jokes that wait for you 🙂 work is fun on the JR !


Art : In the last artistic thin section picture, you could see … two “pyroxenes” bears facing each others in a rocky area of plagioclases.

And in this one ?insect

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