Back in Business

We are now back in the coring business after a rapid change of bit and re-drilling of the sediment column back to the depth at which everything collapsed on us a couple of days ago. Now we are using the rotary drill bit, which should be able to take us through to our final objective, around 500 m below where we left off. The scientists have spent the day clearing our backlog of cores and starting to put together our reports on the drilling at this location. This is a bit tedious but is after all the final product that will preserve the cruise results for the wider world and we have to be careful to get things right and accurate, while following IODP protocol. At least we were able to distract ourselves again with the culinary delights of the mess hall between cores and filling out of forms. As you can see from this photo we always have a nice selection of food, three regular choices and a vegetarian option prepared and served up by the ever genial Taylor McKirdy and his band of cooking assistants every six hours. There was some good looking fried fish today for lunch, as well pasta with broccoli and spicy beef stir fry too. Something for everyone.

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