Backlog assistance

With only 8 hours of transit time between our final site and the Cape Town port, it’s going to be a challenge to get all the core from the final site processed and packed up before we have to depart the ship.  That means it has been a top priority on this 5 day transit to clear out the backlog from the last two sites, where the water was shallow, core came up every 20 minutes, and there was only a day of transit between sites.  Thus I have been lending a hand in the labs every spare moment, along with everyone else.  Last night we finally got the last of the core processed and boxed up, with almost a full day left before arriving on site!  Today presentations were given, t-shirts were pressed with our new expedition logo, and Dick Norris and I filmed our 4th and final video, which will get added to the links at the bottom of our expedition page hopefully next week.  Can’t wait to see what buried treasures we’ll find at this last site!

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