Galley and Stewards

Last, and perhaps most importantly, true happiness lies in a satisfied stomach.  Many people overlook the importance of the galley and steward staff on a ship, but let me tell you, they are key!

My husband can confirm, I hate housework.  Not just in the normal “who in their right mind really likes housework” kind of way.  I hate it so much, I own over a month’s worth of underwear just so I only have to do laundry twelve times a year.  Here they will do my laundry every day, and they never lose any of my socks.

I’ve already mentioned previously that the cooks cater to 121 different tastebuds from around the world, and that at any given meal time it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on who you ask and the shift they are on.  However, I don’t know if I impressed upon you what a herculean task it is to not only please and satisfy 121 people four times every day, but they have to plan it all 2 months in advance – there are no supply ships meeting us in the middle of the ocean.  I don’t even plan my meals until 10 minutes before making them, and then I spend 3 days eating leftovers just to avoid thinking about it again for a while.

I also have to single out Albert – he’s the baker.  His breads are the best!  I normally have coffee for breakfast and worry about food come lunch time, but here I eat a slice of Albert’s bread every morning (well, ok, technically it’s noon, but it’s my breakfast time).  There are a number of scientists who plan their meals around his desserts as well.

From vegetarians to those with food allergies, carnivores, sugar addicts, and spice lovers, everyone is satisfied on this ship.  Except maybe someone wishing they could go on a diet…

Note: Sushi night is an all out affair, as you can tell from the teaser photo as well as some below.  Oh, and did I mention that we had an icecream machine, available any time, day or night?

IMG_2314Jason, Joven and AdrianIMG_2316Richard, Dwight, Ricky and Mark

IMG_2323Loreto servicing the icecream machineP1020037Grilling inside (seas are too rough for outdoor bbq)

P1020043Dick and Allison enjoying the Saturday special dessertP1020499Masako eating the swan dessert – all but the head!P1030166Leonele, Albert, Jun and DaxP1030339Sushi night

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