Christmas on the JR Part 1: The Prep Work

Happy Holidays!!! Here on Expedition 372 aboard the JOIDES Resolution we’re traveling on our home-away-from-home for the holiday season this year. Over Christmas and New Year’s, we’ll be spending our time collecting logging-while-drilling data amidst holiday festivities. So, how do we make the ship our “home for the holidays”?

A fireplace was built in our conference room to warm us in the cold, air-conditioned ship.

Decorations and trees were put up all over the ship, including…wreaths on office and lab doors, and trees or other decor in labs, offices, the conference room, the Mess (cafeteria), and more!

Santa had some helpers to put together stockings filled with tasty treats for the ship’s crew, scientists, and technical staff…On Christmas Eve, stockings were hung from the ceiling with care.

Preparations were being made and practices being held for caroling, the Christmas show, and our gift exchange.

And the carolers began making their rounds on Christmas Eve!

Stephanie Sharuga
Stephanie Sharuga has a Ph.D. in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from Louisiana State University in the United States of America, where she studied and developed approaches for using submersibles for evaluating deep-sea benthic megafaunal communities in the northern Gulf of Mexico after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Stephanie also holds a M.S. in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Illinois Institute of Technology, and B.Sc. in Biology and Earth & Ocean Sciences from the University of Victoria in Canada. Over the years, she has been involved in a variety of research, volunteer, and consulting projects, including with organizations such as the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Field Museum, and the International Ocean Discovery Program. Her past research has included projects that combine the studies of marine communities and seafloor geology, along with work in marine policy and environmental management. She has also been actively involved as both a ship and shore-based scientist for multiple oceanographic cruises over the years. Stephanie shares her lifelong passion for the ocean, environment, and science through a diverse variety of science education, outreach, and STEM mentoring activities.
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