Coffee Makes the Science Go Around

We are now in the middle of the drilling at Bowers Ridge, and everything is going very well. However, one does sometimes get tired during the shift despite exciting results. My shift is from midnight to noon and though I turned the clock weeks ago, I got very tired yesterday morning, so I pulled out my secret weapon: coffee beans from my favorite brand.

We do get nice good coffee onboard, but we were told that we could also bring coffee and make our own. We can grind coffee beans, steam milk and make espresso onboard, so I made a strong café latte (after getting instructions to the machine from Christian – THANKS). The café latte did the trick and the analysis of the last samples were easily finished. Actually there is a lot of coffee consumed here, and I think that one of the most sold souvenirs onboard is the big coffee IODP mug which can hold a lot of coffee. Cheers!

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