Drilling and Drawing

I see drilling out the window; we’re expecting core sometime after midnight, depending on how rubbly it is down the hole.  Everyone is prepared, from Lara the curator to the techs, scientists, and outreach personnel.

Our team is done for the day: it’s 2035 and I’m dressed and ready to exercise. Hmm.  There must be a little time for pencil drawing.  It helps me relax because drawing is a new skill and I have to concentrate.  But it’s also a way of improving our visual observations — which brings me back to the core.  The very first descriptions are made just by looking at the core.

Thank you Dinah, for the drawing lessons that help us to see this big blue ship and the wonders of the Earth around us!

(Yes, that’s my first drawing in the photo above.  Any guesses which half is mine and which was Bill’s photo?  Any guesses what’s pictured there?)

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