Early Preparation

Anticipation caused a cleaning frenzy, window-shopping and a new computer purchase.  Not only do scientists have much work to do after an expedition, but also there is much to do before an expedition starts.

This next expedition’s original proposal was submitted in 2003, with planning going on many years before that. Imagine planning for a two-month trip for over 7 years! Just like space exploration, limited time, resources and opportunity govern ocean floor exploration.

Final days before leaving on an expedition must be a busy time for the ship staff and scientists. For those who are going on the JR for the first time, such as myself, there are also other more emotional reactions.

My reactions included cleaning house, sharing with friends and students, and going shopping. Cleaning house was neither interesting nor helpful (ship wise). Sharing was exciting. And, all the window-shopping ended in a new laptop, which I needed anyway.  (30 hours without my computer was strangely peaceful.)

My last reaction, spending time learning about ocean exploration, may seem strange to some, who may be more interested in prom dresses right now, but, learning about rocks and mud below the ocean is important. Louis Pasteur said: “In the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind.” Hopefully, it will be the geologists who can shed light on the erupting troubles of these times.

Photo credit to cbc.ca





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