News from Recent Expeditions: From Iceberg Forensics to Supervolcanoes

Expeditions don’t end when the scientists disembark from the JR.  In fact the ship-based research is only the beginning.  Sampling, labwork, synthesis and publications are yet to come and required by each member of the science party.

In addition to the scientific papers, we publish press releases and write for popular magazines and website.  Here are two you won’t want to miss!

At Popular Mechanics you can read Iceberg Forensics: Predicting the Planet’s Future With Antarctic Ice written by Wilkes Land logging scientist Trevor Williams during the expedition.

And here’s more about Shatsky Rise in NSF Press Release 10-057, Scientists Explore Origins of ‘Supervolcanoes’ on the Sea Floor on the National Science Foundation website.



Photo:  Scientists Adelie Delacour and Chieh Peng work at the onboard sampling table.  Credit: John Beck, IODP/TAMU


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