Engineers, Electricians, & Mechanics

The people responsible for keeping all the engines and mechanical equipment running on the ship are the engineers, electricians and mechanics.  There are 5 engines and two back up generators, as well as 13 thrusters used to keep the ship on location while drilling.  The ship also makes its own potable water supply – maximum capacity is up to 150 tons, or 37,500 gallons per day, though we typically use about a third of that amount – via a seawater boiler/condenser system that also allows us to make deionized water, which many of the labs use.

There are always two engineers on duty at a time, as well as a motorman, oiler, mechanic, welder, and two electricians.  They all have extensive education, though I’m pretty sure our 1st engineer is the most remarkable – he has 3 PhD’s!  Students always ask me about accidents or safety concerns being on a ship, far away from land and support services.  If they could only meet these guys (unfortunately there is no wifi in that part of the ship, so I can’t go there during my live presentations), they would not have such concerns.  Honestly, I’m more worried about getting stuck in the elevator at my school than of anything happening on this ship!

[Note: I have seen photos of past expeditions where women have held positions as engineers and electricians.]

P10300702nd Engineer RolandP1030072Motormen Alan and OnyokP10300751st Engineer JanP1030221Electrician Stefen

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