Enigma 3 : numbers

Puntarenas (Costa Rica) – Pier #4

Two months sailing…don’t forget anything !
Day and night, people on duty on the dock…
Loaded onto the ship food, fuel, scientific and technical equipment …

Scientists are also invited to board. Backpacks and suitcases are arriving from around the world (Canada, USA, Brazil, Japan, Europe, Australia …)
They’re gone for two months of intensive research. The JOIDES embeds a hundred people.

Loading bags of scientists. This reminds me of the classic enigma with the bags that we load from the docks to the boat :

On the pier, Jose is joking with his teammate Manuel (we are in Costa Rica!)
If you give me one of your bags, I have two times more bags than you ! and if I give you one of mine, we will have the same number of bags.
But how many bags have they ?
Just a little mathematics exercise … give us your answer in a comment before I can describe in detail (with a lot of numbers) all the preparation for this mission.

Answer before next saturday !

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