Finding Fossils: A Biostratigraphy Activity

This new activity, developed by Dr. Anieke Brombacher, aims to show how we determine the age of a sediment sample on board the JOIDES Resolution. Dr. Brombacher is sailing as a Paleontologist for Expedition: 383 Dynamics of Pacific Antarctic Circumpolar Current.

In this exercise, students form teams to sort through specimen sets to identify the species of their sample. Using the range sheet, they determine the possible age of their sample set. The individual teams then come together to discuss the results as a whole class. The individual age ranges based on each team are compared to further constrain the age of the sample. Together, all groups determine the final age range of their sample. The activity requires teamwork! Just like on the JR!

  • Standard A: Unifying concepts and processes in science
  • Standard B: Science as inquiry

  • Patterns
  • Scale, proportion, quantity
  • Stability and change

  • Developing and using models
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information

  • ESS2. D Weather and climate
  • LS1.B Growth and development of organisms

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