First cores, woosah! – Sun, Apr 16

We got our first cores today and we all went a little crazy with excitement. Cores are material from beneath the seafloor; they can be sediment or rock. Cores arrive on board in 7 cm diameter clear plastic tubes (liner) that are about 1.5 m long.

Think about a very long poster tube. They are stacked in racks to equilibrate for at least 4 hours before we can start
our analysis. I am one of the scientists who measure physical properties. We analyze the cores much like an engineer might analyze for material properties, such as the density and seismic velocity. We do this on the whole core, i.e., through the liner, then also do some further analysis on the split cores (whole cores split in halves). After we have completed our analyses other groups take parts of the core for further analysis, and one half is archived. The first person to work on the cores is the very cool Nobu shown in the pic.

On my list: “Rock Steady [Danny Krivit Edit]” – Aretha Franklin

Nobu’s list: “Survivor” – Blue Encount

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