The crazy little thing called time – April 15 – Saturday

I am on the midnight to noon shift. After we departed Hong Kong at 9AM, we had meeting and a Fire Drill until about 2:30ish PM on Friday. I slept for a few hours then worked from Friday midnight to Saturday noon. During our shift, we arrived at our first drill site (0.9 milled away from where we had docked in Hong Kong).  We got to see the ship’s crew preparing drill collars and pipe to lower to the seafloor; this was by far the best thing about being up all night. At the end of our shift, the cooks had prepared a delicious barbecue out on the deck, the second best thing about being up all night. A meeting at 1:30 PM followed. I practiced yoga for about one hour until about 3:30 PM, showered, then slept on and off until 10:30 PM when I got up to go to work. Well, getting to work only took 1 minute. We work seven days a week, but our laundry, meals and beds are all prepared for us. The toughest part is figuring out when to eat breakfast and dinner, how to limit your coffee intake, and how to sleep when it’s a beautiful sunny day outside.

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