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Hello again!

I apologize for being blogging almost only in Portuguese, but all you guys are doing it pretty well…

Besides all that we have been learning about oceanography and marine geology, being a European Rocker, I am pleased with all the presentations of the others Rockers local geology. Although Portugal and France have an enormous geodiversity we have realized that the U.S. and Japan has also many different geological settings.

We have started our virtual geological fieldtrip over Texas limestone and dinosaur fossils guided by Elisabeth and Cheryl. Jumping into Nebraska, Dudley and Malinda, presented Central Nebraska’s gentle plains and fertile soils (mainly dissected loess deposits) and also the rocks of Eastern Nebraska.

Crossing the Pacific Ocean we flew until the Japanese islands where Kawamura-san along with Taguchi-san taught us about the earthquakes and the volcanoes that occur over there.

Back to the States W. Hurd told us some pretty good stories about Lower Alabama sand and clay deposits. And finally Patricia showed us the effects of the last glaciations on Wisconsin local geology.


More to come…

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