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Hi, it’s Wiki the Kiwi again!  Today I had a meeting with Stacie.  She is a scientist on the ship.

Stacie is a paleontologist – they study fossils.Fossils are animals or plants that get buried and turn into rock after they die.  Fossils can tell us alot about the rocks we find them in.  For example, if you find a fossil of a fish, you know that the rocks used to be under water.  Isn’t it neat that the scientists can figure all this out just from looking at the rocks?  I’m going to learn more so that I can help when we start drilling.  We are going to be digging up rocks from the ocean floor.  Then the scientists will study the rocks and get some ideas about how deep the ocean was a really really really long time ago.  Well I have to go now – I have more to learn!  See you next time!

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