A Tale of Two (or more) Timezones

I honestly think the hardest part about this journey so far is keeping the times straight.  We started out on Brisbane time when we left Australia.  New Zealand is in Daylight savings time so they are 3 hours ahead of Brisbane.  We’ve changed the clocks forward twice so far by one hour to try and catch up.  No big deal so far right?  Well add in that I’m on the night shift, and that I’m sheduling my video conferences around United States Time zones and we really start to get confusing.   I changed the time on my Ipod – but apparently when you plug it in to the computer it switches back to that time zone.

So…the result of all this is:  I wake up and look at my Ipod and it says 11 pm.  Thinking my alarm didn’t go off (I didn’t go off the day before and I overslept) – I jumped out of bed, showered, dressed and headed to the mess hall for breakfast before my midnight shift.  As I walked into the galley – what did I see through the port holes??  Sunlight!!!  It was 11 pm in TEXAS – 5 pm on ship.  Kristin, one of the lab technicians, saw me and said “What are you doing up!?”   So, I went back to bed and had a hard time getting to sleep.  Then when I woke up for real, my glasses had fallen and I had to go get someone with decent eyesight to help me find them.  I hope the day gets better from here!

I think I’m going to buy a plain old travel alarm when we stop in Wellington for fuel.

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