Happy Earth Day! Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Students and teachers across the U.S. have been working hard all year, we’re all tired, and it’s so important that we remember why we all put in the long hours at school and beyond. To ring in the height of testing season (for those in the education world, or for students taking state exams) and to celebrate Earth Day, I’d like to share some stories that inspired my students today. Amazing experiences from youth around the world, who have overcome extreme obstacles to make a difference…

From The Boy who Harnessed the Wind and engineered a simple machine to provide irrigation and electricity to his village in Africa to youth who turned trash into treasure to inpire people around the world with their art. Be thankful for what you have, be curious about the world around you, and be toughtful about your impact on our planet. Happy Earth Day (and don’t let the tests get you down!).

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