I smell a…

Victoria, Mrs. Rat, has been sneaking around the ship and she found this!  What do you think it is?  It has something to do with her location…


Emergency rations!  Yes, you were right!  The little cake is wrapped in plastic film and is kept in the lifeboats along with sachets of water so we won’t get thirsty or hungry if we ever have to make an emergency evacuation.

The sachets below are being discarded as they are out of date as were the rations that Victoria found.  They last a long time though!

In case of a severe emergency and we had to evacuate the ship, we would go into the lifeboats.  My lifeboat is number three.  Each lifeboat holds 70 people.  It is orange in color as that color stands out well and can be seen best when in the sea.

We have regular lifeboat drills and soon we will see what the inside of the boat is like.  At the last drill we were given instructions of what to do and our names were checked off the role, but we didn’t get inside.   I had a peek through the little window and inside there’s a long bench with seatbelts.  Otherwise it was hard to see, but I think I can stand up inside.  I want to see the inside but never want to go for a ride in it!

The sea water temperature is 8 degrees Celcius so the lifeboat is our best option.

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