Land Ho!

Finally, after 9 weeks at sea, we are mere hours from stepping foot on dry land.  The desire to run in a straight line for as long as your lungs hold out is very strong.  The fear of being questioned by police for suspicion of public drunkenness is equally strong – I wonder how long it takes to walk without swaying?  I remember from my NOAA days that it took months to be able to take a shower without bracing myself, but funny, I can’t remember how long it took to be able to walk a straight line.

Anyway, the Pilot is delayed a few hours, so it will take a little longer, but land is in sight.  I’ve heard from others that Cape Town and Table Mountain are often socked in with early morning fog, but not today!  Today we had a beautiful sunrise, and an excellent view of the famous profile.  Can’t wait to go climb up that beauty!  As my friend and the narrator of our videos, Dick Norris, would say, “It’s been the adventure of a lifetime”, and it’s a little sad to think it’s ending.  But I start a new adventure after tomorrow – two weeks of traveling in South Africa.P1030498

My friend Rey, who is one of the crane operators, also starts a new adventure.  Today will be his last tie up as he is retiring.  He had a good last leg – he won the championship pocket pool tournament!  And his connection to the JR doesn’t end, as his son is one of the rig floormen.  They know.  This is the best ship, best crew, best place to work.P1030500

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